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trying to play catch up by jennynotjen
July 23, 2009, 4:06 pm
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On Sunday, Daeshin asked me to get somebody to post something on the blog for this week, but having such a fabulous memory, I completely forgot and so I apologize.

The blog’s been pretty slow for quite some time (understandable, to an extent), but let’s put this into perspective: this blog was initiated in order for us to keep in touch, share our thoughts, and to truly grow as a group outside of the Sunday setting.  The more we “forget” or feel annoyed by the fact that we “have” to update, the greater the rift between us as a group grows (spiritually?  emotionally?), simply because we don’t care enough.  So let’s stop neglecting this little outlet that we’ve all set up together!

To be honest, this will be one of things that keep me from feeling lonely once I’m in Montreal.

Speaking of Montreal, I’ve been approved to move into the apartment I found last weekend!  Yay, paying your credit card on time sure does pay off, haha!  My landlord gave me the OK to move in on the final weekend of August, so we only have 5 more Sundays together!  Of course, you are all more than welcome to come visit and stay at my place in Montreal (if you don’t mind sleeping on the floor…!)

On a final note, I attach a video of a contemporary dance routine recently featured on So You Think You Can Dance. It portrays a woman’s struggle with breast cancer. I don’t really know why I’m adding it here, but it really moved me, and I hope it does for all of you as well!


very first christian church by jennynotjen
March 31, 2009, 11:40 am
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Seriously, talk about divine intervention! This is a brand new video from the same people who made the “March of the Unqualified” video that I added in the this blogs very first post. It’s interesting because we JUST talked about this on Sunday, and now this video is available!

It touches upon the issue of our identity in Church and the many prejudices that many people hold. Also, it emphasizes the importance of effective communication (SO important!!).

Enjoy! It’s funny =)

If you don’t understand all of it, or have any questions – post them in the comments!


inspiration by jennynotjen
March 10, 2009, 10:54 pm
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Hey everyone,

I happened upon this organization just from doing research for school stuff, but it’s a super cool group/fund/forum that is all about sharing innovative and inspirational ideas.  Topics range from the environment, music, charity, technology, enterprise, etc.  It’s mostly a lecture series that features really neat people from around the world to talk about their topic of expertise.  Huge financial awards are given to those who win the annual award as well.

Anyway, I just thought that since this is a place where we can share our thoughts and ideas, the site seemed relevant.  It’s really inspiring to watch all these talks and the work that these people are doing around the world.


The site: TED: Ideas Worth Sharing

Here’s a video that I recently watched and enjoyed!

Obama’s Inauguration by jennynotjen
January 20, 2009, 1:23 pm
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Today, instead of lecturing us, my professor decided to stream the live coverage of the inauguration ceremony on CNN.  I was really moved – not only by the monumental nature of this historical occasion, but also by Obama’s speech, and Rick Warren’s prayer.

Rick Warren is the pastor of Saddleback Church (in LA, I think), and has recently come under a lot of criticism during the Proposition 8 debates.  He recently recanted his comments and explained his position on gay marriage a little more clearly.  Obviously, as a Christian, trying to explain your personal opinions will always come under fire from our secular society. 

But I really think his prayer encapsulates what the USA should look to for guidance – God’s strength, wisdom, forgiveness, and blessing to make the best decisions for their people, and ultimately, for the global community.  At the end of his prayer, he recited the Lord’s Prayer, and I really liked that, because it shows that we need to follow how God taught us how to pray – not our own will, but His will be done.

What are your thoughts?

Welcome to our blog! by jennynotjen
January 19, 2009, 12:21 am
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Hello everyone!  Welcome to cell group 1’s own blog!  Everyone will have access to the blog, in order to post, revise, comment, or to simply read.  I hope that you will all participate.

Thanks to Nathaniel for the idea of starting a group blog, and the suggestion that we each take a turn posting a scripture weekly that we can all meditate on.

This week, I wanted to share a video with you all that really reflects the theme of our retreat, “Step Up”.  Although not all of us were there, I think that this video has something to tell us all.  It’s about how God truly uses us, weaknesses and all, and wants our imperfect selves to be committed to Him and His work.

Have a great week everyone!

PS. If you don’t like the setup of the blog, please comment and I will consider changing it.  But I think that the grass is pretty.

March of the Unqualified