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Facebook thought i was a pedophile… by 1nv35t3df41th
November 4, 2009, 11:25 am
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SOOOO…Facebook thought i was a pedophile and disabled my account…Funny!

I made an account long time ago David Chae DOB May something 1993 just to check out what facebook was. i clicked 1993 because that was the first date that was lowest on the list at that time and i was too lazy to scroll down to 1982. I make it, check things out and forget that i ever made the account.

FINALLY i decide it’s time to conform. i try to make an account only to find i already have one DAVID CHAE. i change the info but for some reason i cannot change my birth year. i use the facebook help section (garbage) only to find the only way that i can change my birth year is if i am under 18 (may something 1993 bonus). so i use this avenue blatantly showing that i am not 18 and that i am not in highschool and that i just want my DOB changed…(i realize now that it was pretty suspect) 

LONG STORY SHORT- they disable my account explaining that i am too old to join a high-school group and that i shouldnt be trying to join one….SO i email them explaining the situation. YAY DOB changed and i have my account back….ahh FACEBOOK what would i do without you…


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bahahhaa i cant believe im only reading this now… surprised u stuck with it though

Comment by tigerlky

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