TECOW EM Cell Group 1

? by 1nv35t3df41th
September 14, 2009, 8:33 pm
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what will come of this blog now? i like the ideal but perhaps we should try something new considering all the changes in our church and cells…

whadya think??



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what are the changes? the blog can adapt – that’s what the internet is good for!

Comment by jennynotjen

the cell groups have changed in leadership and in membership. ellen would be the one who would use this as a continuation…i guess…

i am actually not in a cell anymore. jen and i are in the non-existant adult cell…non-existant.

anyhow you are right. we can adapt this blog as we go to fit the needs of our group. im just thinking we can use this space to figure it out…


Comment by 1nv35t3df41th

dude…i resent that…i totally ‘exist’ and our cell group consists of two members…count ’em – TWO…me and you. our adult cell is gonna be the best!!! 🙂 hehehe….let’s go fishing! hahah…see, i made it the best group with just that one suggestion.
maybe we can just encourage ellen to continue to use this blog site for her cell group. she knows what y’all did on this blog. we’ll see.

see you sunday daeshin…and jimin…hope you have a good sunday at GMC. keep me updated on the happenings of that church!


Comment by jen1255

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