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trying to play catch up by jennynotjen
July 23, 2009, 4:06 pm
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On Sunday, Daeshin asked me to get somebody to post something on the blog for this week, but having such a fabulous memory, I completely forgot and so I apologize.

The blog’s been pretty slow for quite some time (understandable, to an extent), but let’s put this into perspective: this blog was initiated in order for us to keep in touch, share our thoughts, and to truly grow as a group outside of the Sunday setting.  The more we “forget” or feel annoyed by the fact that we “have” to update, the greater the rift between us as a group grows (spiritually?  emotionally?), simply because we don’t care enough.  So let’s stop neglecting this little outlet that we’ve all set up together!

To be honest, this will be one of things that keep me from feeling lonely once I’m in Montreal.

Speaking of Montreal, I’ve been approved to move into the apartment I found last weekend!  Yay, paying your credit card on time sure does pay off, haha!  My landlord gave me the OK to move in on the final weekend of August, so we only have 5 more Sundays together!  Of course, you are all more than welcome to come visit and stay at my place in Montreal (if you don’t mind sleeping on the floor…!)

On a final note, I attach a video of a contemporary dance routine recently featured on So You Think You Can Dance. It portrays a woman’s struggle with breast cancer. I don’t really know why I’m adding it here, but it really moved me, and I hope it does for all of you as well!

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hey guys, i left on sunday feeling kinda sorry because of the way i asked jimin to find someone to post. i know by the way she has posted, with a positive attitude and an encouragement for us to participate again, it meant she has taken it the right way but i wanted to apologize anyway.

SORRY JIMIN for sounding forceful! i was actually just in a rush to leave and thought that you might have an opportunity to speak with the cell members. dont worry about forgeting because i actually wanted to remind the group about the blog but it slipped my mind, and seeing you before i left, it just reminded me.

ABOUT THE POST…i really do agree with jimin about this space being a place for us to share and grow together. i hope for more participation from all of our cell members and that we can all be interested in sharing in this space….

thanks for your strong leadership jimin and 5 more weeks is actually only 5 more days for the majority of us:(

anyhow sorry everyone for the long winded comment and THANKS for the post jimin.


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