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It’s Finally Arrived… by 1nv35t3df41th
July 31, 2009, 1:07 pm
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hey guys,

just wanna let everyone know…

I GOT MY ADMISSIONS LETTER FROM KNOX>>>YAY conditional acceptance until i give them my transcript in October saying i graduated from Ryerson U.

one step at a time. thanks to all of you for your prayers and for Heo and Han MSN who had faith in me and Joseph and Leah JDSN for opening the doors for me… AND thanks to God.



trying to play catch up by jennynotjen
July 23, 2009, 4:06 pm
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On Sunday, Daeshin asked me to get somebody to post something on the blog for this week, but having such a fabulous memory, I completely forgot and so I apologize.

The blog’s been pretty slow for quite some time (understandable, to an extent), but let’s put this into perspective: this blog was initiated in order for us to keep in touch, share our thoughts, and to truly grow as a group outside of the Sunday setting.  The more we “forget” or feel annoyed by the fact that we “have” to update, the greater the rift between us as a group grows (spiritually?  emotionally?), simply because we don’t care enough.  So let’s stop neglecting this little outlet that we’ve all set up together!

To be honest, this will be one of things that keep me from feeling lonely once I’m in Montreal.

Speaking of Montreal, I’ve been approved to move into the apartment I found last weekend!  Yay, paying your credit card on time sure does pay off, haha!  My landlord gave me the OK to move in on the final weekend of August, so we only have 5 more Sundays together!  Of course, you are all more than welcome to come visit and stay at my place in Montreal (if you don’t mind sleeping on the floor…!)

On a final note, I attach a video of a contemporary dance routine recently featured on So You Think You Can Dance. It portrays a woman’s struggle with breast cancer. I don’t really know why I’m adding it here, but it really moved me, and I hope it does for all of you as well!

hypnotic earth by tigerlky
July 7, 2009, 11:11 pm
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despite what i say or what you may infer… i do believe in God. the burning question for me is/has been the nature of God. i was raised a christian, i know just as well as anyone the potential gravity of that question. as a matter of fact, i tried to ignore that question when i was younger, and i was afraid to ask it. afraid of public scrutiny and afraid that i might go to hell. obviously, i got over it. maybe a little too much. at one point i questioned the very existence of God… but i believe now. i do talk too much about the negatives or target the perceived wrongs within religion, so…

this is good example (albeit, just a part) of why i belive now:

the wholeness of the universe. the delicate balance between everything that exists. the smallness of humanity in comparison to what’s out there. i simply cannot believe that it was all a mistake. the vast expanse of everything that is… the cyclical nature of everything that is… can it be coincidence? the perfection of all existence down to a single molecule… everything that is around us now. and despite all the bad that humanity does, what about the good? i once heard (i forgot where) that it should be easiest for scientists to have faith. they’re the ones that understand best the marvel that is life and all that exists. rain, sunshine, and clouds. music. wind. i think we can all marvel at the simplest of things. this is why i believe in God. and though we and the world are – at times – hopelessly flawed… in a way it has its own perfection. and it’s beautiful.

…it’s a wonder that we consider ourselves such a big screaming deal.