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ANYONE OUT THERE?? by 1nv35t3df41th
June 17, 2009, 10:08 pm
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Hey guys,

What’s going on with our blogging. Are we all to busy to procrastinate nowadays. Comment to this post if you are alive.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say a few things.

1. Please support the Mission Team by going to Friday services

2. ChaYoungJi (Spiritual Leaders Conference) June 28-29. Olivia Chow to be guest speaker on the 29th. Please bring yourselves and your friends and families.

3. H2Oil- if you not sure what i mean check out our tecow website (managed and upkept by our wonderful LN or tecow) and lets all start getting back into our WEB community of faith…..

thanks guys.


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“hi”…just wanted to let you (daeshin) know that i, for one, am never too busy to procrastinate…so…i’ll be keeping in touch always!!! “yeah”~~ r-d-r-r-!! no..but seriously folks…it’s not really a cell group forum if only jimin, daeshin, will (ever so often) and myself are the only ones on this blog. boo-urns!! my eyes hurt! later!!!ah…i forgot to book work off (for cha-young-ji monday)!!

Comment by jen1255

no way you got olivia chow to be our guest speaker? good on ya daeshin (as the aussies would say)!

Comment by jennynotjen

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