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laziness by jennynotjen
May 27, 2009, 3:01 pm
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I am so lazy. Sometimes, I say it like I’m proud of it. Sometimes, I like being lazy; other times, I hate myself for being lazy.

The summer is already a month over, and I still have yet to find a job to help fund grad school. I guess I’m just praying a lot that my scholarships will come through, but I still do need to pay for rent on top tuition. Does relying on God make me lazy?

Yesterday my co-worker asked me what I do with my time, besides working at the pool. I couldn’t answer him – I feel as though I’m always busy, but I don’t think I do anything productive. I spend a lot of time commuting, working out, sleeping, and playing Restaurant City on Facebook (which oddly eats up a lot of my time), but those are not very productive things.

I know I shouldn’t be lazy – instead, I should be working hard at making the best of the opportunities given to me. So I’m going to apply to jobs today (hold me accountable, please!) and start looking for apartments in Montreal.

Why are people so lazy?


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jimin…im too lazy to respond to your post properly (jks).

actually i really enjoyed your post and i think your confession can probably hold true to all of us.

did you apply to any jobs yet???

i really like your question about whether or not faith in God makes us lazy. in a way, sometimes i think this is very true, but i do not think this is what God intends for us in terms of us trusting in Him. i think He wishes for us to try our best in everything we do, but to not worry about the results, because these are all in His hands.

(did this comment make any sense? so tired from hiking:)

thanks for this post jimin.


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