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Nail Salon by sangzee
April 28, 2009, 7:29 pm
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i’m kidding.. there’s nothing interesting about my work place. But thought i`d write something before the week ends and before i lose sanity.

Theres nothing so interesting or mind-blowing i have to say, but, here`s my weekly post. Um., i`ve been trying to work on two essays these days and slowly but surely, its getting done. At times, i`m just so brain-dead that for what seems like 2 minutes (staring at the screen) happens to be 4 hours.. then comes panic mode and yeah, thats pretty much what my days are and have been besides school.

Although all my friends are done, back in town and endlessly bragging about how free they feel, i`m kinda glad i`m in school. when the weather`s great and everyone is wearing practically nothing, we all just sit in front of the school and enjoy the sun while a few of my friends waste  it doing nothing or at work.  although this moment wont be so jolly in about a few weeks, im grateful.

OK back to essay time for me, hip-hip-hooray (hoorah?) for school 😀


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so true sangji – i find that i don’t go outdoors now that i’m out of school & it’s such a pity because it’s so beautiful outside! also, being in school gives you a sense of stability and structure that is sometimes helpful in maintaining a sense of purpose.

and no worries about those essays! “slowly but surely” is better than “not at all”. i sometimes marvel at the miracle of essay-completion, because i know for sure that i am not the only inquiring mind writing my paper. when i look back at old essays, i think “did i really write that?” or “i have no clue what i wrote about here”. and other times, i think “i can’t believe i finished that on time”. but it reminds me that divine intervention is a real thing.

Comment by jennynotjen

zangzee…..what?!!! you’re not writing about your nail salon??? 🙂
anyhoos…all silliness aside–i appreciate how you are appreciating school right now and how you put it into perspective for all of us who are still in school. maybe that was our blessing (this cell group…minus jimin who is DONE!!)….to be able to share with each other the pain and joy of being in school when everyone else is done. as you get things completed you feel the sense of not only relief but also a sense that you are moving forward. everytime i don’t get someone done…i feel like i’m at a standstill and not moving anywhere..like i’m stuck! so..just getting it done helps ME move forward (although it’s still a struggle for me to get things done)…blah blah blEh!! anyhoos..enough from me…hope all is good at the nail salon (hehe)!!

Comment by jen1255

nice…good attitude to have sj. good luck with finishing those papers, i know how painful it could be. i just wouldnt go as far to say “hooray” though ;P

Comment by 1nv35t3df41th

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