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little (or big?) blessings by jennynotjen
April 23, 2009, 9:12 pm
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(Sorry Daeshin if this post embarrasses you a little bit!)

This week, I had the chance to go see Leah JDSN and her new baby Timothy. I was just soooo AMAZED by how quiet and obedient he was! And of course, he is very, very cute.

Watching how Leah JDSN interacted with Timothy and how much pain and what an ordeal it was for her to give birth to him really helped me understand, just a little bit, how much our parents love us. What really amazed me though, was how Leah JDSN and Daeshin are already planning for Timothy’s future – they hope & pray that he will grow up to be a missionary like his parents, and that he will be able to serve God’s purpose with his life. That is really a huge indication of their love for little Timothy.

That made me really think about how everything we do in life should be to serve God. Even having babies should not be for our own selfish desires to raise a family, or to have cute babies around you (hehe, that would be my initial thought)!

In addition, seeing Timothy made me realize all the new babies God has blessed our church with. He is really helping our church grow and realize its vision. I am comforted by the fact that as I leave the church in September, I will have reassurance that God is still going to make sure that the church is growing steadily, and that there will always leaders (or, leaders-in-training)! I suppose that is also a lesson in trusting wholly in God.

That’s why I named this post “little (or big?) blessings”. Because the babies or such tiny little things, but what they represent for our church is such a HUGE blessing!! I can’t wait to see all of them grow up, hehe =)


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this reminds me of a daily devotional i recently read. i don’t know if it completely relates but it just ‘reminds’ me of the daily devo.:

“Do you know that the word “children” appears over 450 times in the Bible? Our children matter to God, and He loves them, even more than we love them. Being a parent allows us a window to see God’s amazing perspective of that love.” -‘In God’s Hands’ by Tracie Miles, Crosswalk.com

..and just like God has plans and hopes for us, we have lots of plans and hopes for our little ones too (especially on a spiritual level!).

p.s. timothy is sooooo sweet eh??? i told you…soo mellow!!!! 🙂

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