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Testimony by sangzee
April 13, 2009, 2:09 am
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Guess it’s my turn to procrastinate.. -,.-  plus i cant seem to concentrate at the moment so yeah~ Anyways, jen suggested this first and i thought yeah, what the heck, i did after all put some effort to it. i left the testimony-preparation to the last minute, like err.. 1 am on Sunday? :S, and it was hard at first bc i thought wow if i’m not ready to write this, how will i be for the baptism? luckily, i felt God’s presence in me and i know this bc i dunno why but started crying while writing this testimony, perhaps it was the feeling of FINALLY being able to let go of…that…that…. something..  anways its hard to explain bc i dont even know what it was, but yeah i already feel a little renewed : D

when i first met God was when all things changed. a new life, hope, dreams and direction to become a good person through Christ was my intention.

because He loves and gives me everything i need, the more He gave, the more i wanted. the more i wanted the more “no” i heard, until my heart betrayed and became impure.

the world became darker with my hate-stained eyes, and i could feel the cold and bitterness deep within me. it grew and grew until my heart was affected, my life, was back to where it used to be.

time was not the answer to heal my complaining heart. “why not God?” and such questions only grew me apart.

without God, my hopes and dreams withdrew before me, life without a purpose became bleak. passion, desire, motive no longer existed, my christian stance was below weak.

i had forgotten all the greatness of God’s creation, i had forgotten what my life was before Christ, i had forgotten His kindness and patience, i forgot to pay my price.

my life oh so spiritless made me consider, that perhaps i may once again start anew, a life, a relationship, or even a step towards life with a holier view.

and with this prayer, a poem and a testimony, id like to confess not only to declare my beliefs, but to swear infront of you all that once again my life will be to serve God’s deeds.

thankyou. -sj

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woooooot congrats sangji! god truly does work in us when we are feeling down, it’s just our own stubbornness that fails to realize it. your poem was so heartfelt and personal, i really loved it. thanks for sharing it with us!

Comment by jennynotjen

i am thankful for your testimony sangji and i agree with you when you when say that God’s presence was around you when you were writing your testimony. it was so heartfelt and personal (like jimin said) and it summarized your past Christian life and the spiritual battles you had to experience and endure – i heard YOU as you spoke. hearing your testimony yesterday brought tears to my eyes because all the things that you said epitomizes the struggles, questions, and spiritual/emotional pains that we all go through. but i’m happy that you recognized it and are able to move forward and live for him. sangji, i love you lots and i am so excited to continue to watch you grow and transform into the awesome Christian child, leader and member God has prepared you to be!!!! 🙂

Comment by jen1255

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