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mere whims :) by tigerlky
March 23, 2009, 12:19 am
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So I checked out Mr. Thinking Theologian’s comments, and I gotta say, I was right. I do like him. For the most part. I checked out his blog and he’s not too popular (He just doesn’t have many viewers, he’s not unpopular as in he gets cussed at or something). There is one post that is really intriguing to me though, and a part of it goes like this:

It would be fitting to begin this blog with a few thoughts as to why Christianity needs thinkers. Too often are we admonished for asking difficult questions, and instructed instead simply to take things on faith. Whilst faith is obviously of paramount importance to the believer, it should never become a “too hard pile” on to which we simply abandon all our niggling questions.

and even more intriguing:

Perhaps you have been marginalised for asking questions or challenging the status quo? I’d love to hear from you!

Can’t blame a guy for identifying with something right ? 😉

Although his whole “hillsong is elitist” talk is kind of a stretch for me. Not the biggest fan of Hillsongs (or CCM for that matter) but he takes it a little far with the bourgeois (btw, it’s “bourgeois” not “bourgoise,” mr. Double-T.) at the front and proletariat at the back thing. I mean, aren’t all concerts like that (I guess they’re all corporate based or whatever…)? And all in all, I think what it comes down to is praising God, which I’m rather enjoying lately.

On the other hand his whole schlabiel about asking questions and challenging the status quo does sound fun (among a thousand other things.) I do believe I will intiate the first encounter. Mission to Pluto y’all.


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bring it on…im ready for the questions and im ready to share my questions. me, you, the thinker dude and other “christian thinkers” can come together and try to figure out the things we dont really understand…my boundary my not be as wide as yours though, but it will be fun challenging those who are ready to be challenged.

the only thing that i caution to you, TT and even myself is lets not forget no matter how much we “think”, there are somethings that we are not meant to understand or even if we think we understand, it may not be ultimate, which leads us to a dilemma. DO WE LEAVE IT TO FAITH AGAIN…

Pluto? i like Earth with all its good and bad.


(nice post will and nice praising today…dude i could hear you from the front. it was nice. i hope this doesn’t make you shy to sing.)

Comment by 1nv35t3df41th

oh you could hear me? i didn’t know that…

i just like it that i’m at least allowed to ask a question or two, or a hundred, whether there are answers or not, questions should be pursued, and they can shape your christianity, not just deflate it. now go do your essay and i’ll do mine :).

ps. the mission to pluto thing just means that i’m leaving familiar territory.

Comment by tigerlky

i like that as a christian, he brings another worldview to the entire matter. although, christianity has always had thinkers (luther, hello).
i agree with will, in that his whole hillsongs/capitalism spiel is a little preachy-preachy (perhaps flirting with the line between passion for his cause and just being purely antagonistic?)

the whole thought/rationale + faith thing is always such a pertinent question, one that i perhaps don’t address enough (because i am lazy – but that doesn’t mean that my faith is based on laziness). the only thing i’m not so keen about is that his use of the term “status quo” makes it seem like christianity is the “evil other” (in sociological terms; ex. capitalism, fascism, classicism in art, etc.), and is stagnant (it may be in some churches/eras) and doesn’t allow for breathing room.

this reminds me of the “Googling God” book that i posted about. i really should try to seek out a full version of that book…

Comment by jennynotjen

my hearing is pretty bad, but when it comes to music i can pin point certain things and focus on those. also you were pretty much in front of me and Jen heard u too….

i think questions are very important and that is why i try to emphasize questions in Sunday school, even if i do not have all the answers. when i first started with my group i told them that the questions that they ask are just as important or sometimes more important than the answers that i could give. lets me know that they are thinking and not just blindly following.

and my comment to you about Earth is that i like Earth!! jokes i mean don’t leave familiar territory all together. question on solid ground (strong foundation).

U DO YOUR ESSAY! and yea, i’ll do mine too.

Comment by 1nv35t3df41th

Jimin, i haven’t read this guys post yet…and i’m not going to until i finish my essay but i think you are right about him just trying to raise a controversial point. people like to be radical these days to be noticed and sometimes i think the line between progressiveness and radicalism has faded to a doted one.

and Jimin=Lazy…STOP LYING, lying makes baby Jesus cry!!

I know, i know…do my essay. i am. just needed a little more procrastination time.


Comment by 1nv35t3df41th

wow…i’m so interested as to what your cell was discussing last sunday~ quite interested! 🙂 i hope all is well with everyone! i’m missing y’all but also enjoying my time with ji’s group. so different–but the dynamics work!

yes..this all reminds me of friday night bible study and the 4pm sunday adult service. those moments with msn, the open bible, and your church peeps really gives you insight in the bible and allows you to reflect and dissect the bits that you want to further understand. bible study and topical bible study are so different from just listening to a sermon. you get to ask questions, share ideas, hear from msn’s point of view, and increase your faith through knowledge.

yes…just wanted to share my thoughts too!!!! 🙂 does joseph have an account yet?? joseph where are you? anyway..see you guys on sunday (or fri. at ji’s concert, or sat. night at the cha-young-ji concert thing)


Comment by jen1255

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