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To my son… by 1nv35t3df41th
March 19, 2009, 10:26 pm
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its so close, i will see you soon. i cannot wait to see you. your mother and i have been waiting, although i think she has felt it more than i have. you will probably never see or hear these words that have been typed here, but you will understand better than anyone who reads this, how much your mother and i love you.

i already know that it will not be easy to be a good parent, but i know one thing that i will try to show you and teach you, is to never give up. you are such a blessing to us and your mother and i will not use you as an excuse in life. instead you will be the reason why we try harder and finish everything that God has put before us.

Please remember that whatever comes your way to try your best and to not give up. i pray that you will understand that this does not mean that upa wants you to be stubborn, but rather to understand your limits and to push past them with the help of God. i pray that as you grow you will be wise enough to know when you are pushing past your limits with God or being stubborn against Him. Above all, may God bless you with a strong spirit that perserveres and wisdom through prayer.

 God is good and He provides all. soon we will be together, face to face, but sometimes in life we may not be able to be together. whenever this happens to either uma or upa, i want you to know that we love you and are proud of you. think about it this way…when we first saw your ultra sound we were proud, when we first felt you move we were proud, everytime you moved after that we were proud… as far and long as God raises you we will be proud. If uma and upa are not there, God will be, and He will send you people to love you just as much as we do, and just as much as He does. everything you need, He will give, and we know that the people who He sends will not pity you for not being able to be with us, but instead will love you the way we would.

dont worry, because uma and upa are not going anywhere. the reason i am writing this to you is because one of your near future friends will need to understand how much their upa loves them and will need to be reminded of this occasionally. his upa is sick and will not be with them always. this brings me to the last thing that i want to tell you, which is love your neighbours as Jesus loves you. the reason why i tell you this is because i will try my best to be one of those that God sends to this family and i pray that you will also be one of those sent as well.

i love you and uma loves you and we will see you soon.



ps: try not to give your mom such a hard time when you’re coming out…and be safe.

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*tears* T.T
so sweet~ You and Sunjin will be awesome parents! Praying parents! most wonderful gift to a child!! As I was reading, it reminded me how my dad wrote me once in 25yrs…when i was in jk. Once in a while, write him a letter like this, so he can read when he can read and feel how much his abba loves him. 😀
I can’t wait to see Timmy! 😀
(I haven’t seen Ch yet:(

Comment by Ellen

what a nice way to prepare your son for the world =) i think he will grow up to be a gracious person.

Comment by jennynotjen

that was amazing

Comment by tigerlky

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