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“test” of faith by 1nv35t3df41th
February 24, 2009, 11:49 pm
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it’s sunday night, i wake up from my nap after young adult service, too sick to go to adult bible study. thinking to myself, “hmmm, what am i going to do about my test tomorrow that i was supposed to prepare for all week but ended up reading nothing”. i start reading the first out of 8 articles and continue to read until i get a little past the second article. i decide i’ll go to sleep because im still feeling really bad and i check my class sylabus to make sure the test is in fact the next day…it is.

in the morning i sleep in and miss my morning class still feeling drained and loathing the test that i have for my next class. i get up start reading. i continue calculating “3pm is when the class starts i have x amount of time before i need to start getting ready and then i will study while traveling to my class”..i call a friend to just to see if i’m in luck and the date is wrong. unfortunately it is right. at this point i start thinking to myself, “hmmm faith, will faith pass my test”. i start thinking about last semester and the amazing marks that i got and reassure myself by saying, “it wasn’t all me anyway so he’ll help me out of this one too…multiple guess it is”

my cell rings (vibrates…same thing).

aimee- “hey nathaniel, i just got a call from sadia. she say’s she was wrong and the test is tomorrow”

me- “thank God! (its what i really said) i’ve been reading like crazy trying to catch up i guess i’ll have some more time now!”

aimee- “well dont stop because it is still tomorrow! (knowing how i like to procrastinate)”

me- “thanks i’ll see you later”

i hang up the phone (press end…same thing) and think to myself, ” God’s not going to let me get away with doing nothing, but how will i read all those articles still? at least i will have some time to do more than i did!”……….i finish a day of school and come home still trying to get over my sickness. i read (not much more but i try my best). i sleep.

the next day. i wake up i read (still not getting close to eight articles). feeling exhausted (this sickness keeps making me feel tired and congested in my nose and neck glands)  i take a quick nap before having to get ready for my 2pm class. i dont end up reading on the bus again……. i finish my test not knowing how well i did, especially because the whole way through i had to use the washroom but its 45 min test and i had to use the washroom for at least 10 of those minutes if you know what i mean. on the way home i think to myself…

“God wants me to have faith in Him but He also wants me to work hard for what i want. i did not accomplish much more than i had before but He wants to see me put some kind of effort in. i know even if i do good or bad He was there with me the whole time and i still have faith that i will reach my goal.”

ultimately what will my mark reflect…

good mark= motivation to work harder

bad mark= motivation to work harder

if i get a good mark i will post it, but if my mark is under 70% you will not be reminded of this post….

all of this reminds me of Han MSN sermon + matthew 7:7+8

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone wo asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

– we must act first in faith and confidence before God will reveal himself to us.

(sorry for the LOOONNNNGG post again) daeshin

ps: joseph this is just an example and if you look at the other posts there are shorter and better examples…