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Hillsong concert 2009 by sangzee
February 21, 2009, 11:51 pm
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SO i heard hillsong is coming back once again this summer, woohoo~

saturday june 6, (christian heritage day i believe)

at the ontario place.

Except this time, you cant just buy the concert tickets alone, but have to buy an all day

pass to the ontario place as well -_- . Also, they made it so that prices vary according

to which row you want to sit in (classy…. without the “cl”)

this year the opening is Bluetree… anyone heard?

and it starts at 5

i am not quite sure if i’m in for sure, but if majority goes, there are group rates available.

tickets were up for grabs as of feb 16, so im sure its selling out fast,

anyone interested?

check out the link for prices

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um yeah, there is no link.
copy & paste?

Comment by sangzee

i was looking at this the other day and was thinking that i really wanted to go…last year was so fun! and the bands were really great. so was the praise! i’ll suggest it to joseph jdsn so that we can ask the youth, since they probably will be interested as well. thanks for posting this!

Comment by jennynotjen

No you were right first time: very CLASS-y. Upper-class bourgoise toward the front, lower-class proletariat toward the back.

That’s what Hillsong’s all about itn’t it? Honouring those with more money…

Not what Christianity’s about though. Check out James 2.

For more on Hillsong’s true nature, see my blog at:


Comment by The Thinking Theologian

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