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the importance of rest by jennynotjen
February 19, 2009, 10:33 pm
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This week, I was off from school because of reading week. During this time, I’ve learned that rest is a God-given gift.

I tried to organize my time as best as possible with week I was given, but still, I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to. I of course put priority on my rather floundering social life, which was really satisfying, but also, tiring.

So guess what? I got a cold. I could blame my sister for getting me sick (she’s sick because she was walking around outside without a jacket), but I didn’t really spend much time with her. So I really have no clue as to how I got ill.

But with being sick comes the need to rest. And this is when I realized that God gave us one body. One chance at living life with God’s purpose in mind, which can be done best if we are physically and mentally able. With the incessant tiredness that comes with being sick, came the realization that I need to stop freaking about all the things that need to be done and just focus on the basics. After all, God provides.

Really, He does. I was accepted to one of the schools I’ve applied for, and am still waiting on the others. But still, I know that God has a plan for me, and that I won’t feel completely stranded once I graduate.

All this, and all I’ve been doing is sleeping and playing Rockband. Thank God (literally).


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COngratulations in getting accepted!!
i’m so happy for you 😀

Comment by sangzee

hey jimin…
rest is good, i agree. although i have been busy i too have gotten a bit of rest at the beginning of the week. now i have no time left and way too much to do.

sorry all for not posting, i do not think that i will have time to procrastinate (i mean post) this week.

jen- i will read the notes and email people tomorrow night and WE NEED TO MEET on sunday morming.

JIMIN CONGRATS!! and like i said, pray in confidence that God will answer.


Comment by 1nv35t3df41th

YAY~ WOW how come you didn’t tell me this morning that you’ve got in! 😀 Congrats! 😀 😀

I agree with Jimin 100%.
Before I’ve got into this accident, I’ve never realized how important to take care our body.
I think I’ve never gave much of creadit(?) to my healthy body. Even simple task like wearing socks is so hard for me these days and sitting down hurts, so when I’m studying, I can’t really focus-even thought I didn’t do much this week. 😛
Anyhow, here is verse to share;
“if one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it”
Like how when my back hurts, my whole body suffers, if one of our member suffers, we all suffer and we pray as one body! Isn’t it amazing? So i know now that when I’m in suffer, Sangji will suffer as well b/c we are one body. And when Daeshin is honour, I’ll happy as a one body. So, do you guys feel my back pain now? 🙂

Comment by LN

i’m feelin’ it ellen..

Comment by sangzee

you should!

Comment by tecow

because we are one body of Christ. hehe

Comment by tecow

check http://www.tecow.wordpress.com
it’s not 100% done
only 45% done

Comment by ellen

oh…i didn’t even notice that you wrote down the site here. i just checked it out!! nice work elizabeth…i mean..ellen. r-d-r-r!!!! 🙂

Comment by jen1255

you are so funny Jessica! 😀 😀
Everyone, have a nice week!

Comment by LN

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