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Googling God by jennynotjen
February 12, 2009, 12:10 pm
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I should be writing my essay that’s due tomorrow (and that I haven’t started yet!!) BUT…

My friend posted an excerpt from a book called “Googling God” by John Cox on Facebook, and I thought I’d share it with you all. I think that it’s something that we can all relate to in a society where logic determines everything.

In fact I was deep into a multifaceted learning curve discovering that knowing something is far more worthwhile than knowing about something. However, the process involved in knowing was more of a boot camp than I had anticipated. I learned that the intellect is merely one component of a greater whole in the quest for assurance in matters of faith.

Other key elements that need to be aligned with intellectual integrity are personal emotions (and that gut feeling about something/ someone), morality and lifestyle (practicing what you believe – that is, does it work in real life?), and taking risks of faith and prayer and seeing what happens (does God actually answer or make a difference when I take his promises and guidelines seriously?)

Initially I thought that if studied and earned a bunch of degrees and gained intellectual credibility then people would respond to reasonable discussions about God and embrace Christianity with open arms. Of course people do engage in such discussions (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this book), but I also learned during more than 20 years of putting it into practice that facts and rational reasoning are not the major decision-making factor in most of our lives.

I would dare to suggest that maybe an embarrassing percentage of worldviews, whether science, faith, or both, usually reflect more about the emotional and cultural background of the individual than they do about deep rational thinking. Which makes complete sense to me. I would argue that our core priority or need is actually relational and not intellectual. Which is why doubt and certainty will emerge from an integration of both factors working together toward that very commendable goal called “faith”.

I hope this made you think (or…procrastinate somehow).