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Weekly Scripture: Jan. 29/09 by 1nv35t3df41th
January 30, 2009, 1:50 am
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hello all,

sorry for the late post.

recently i have been studying two books from the bible. the first book that i am studying is matthew…(i did it without knowing that MSN was studying it on fri). the second book is timothy, because if i am going to call my son timothy, i should at least know a little bit about why i am giving him this name.

the scripture that i would liketo post is from…

1 timothy 4:12

“don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity”.

i think when God calls us it can be at any age and being humble is accepting His calling…God knows the right timing and although paul also warns us that being called to do God’s work to early is dangerous (1 timothy 3:6) as we know the timing is His and not our own….

like david or like abraham all is in His hands…

do you think that you have been called. if you are comfortable please share how you think he is calling you. have you accepted His call. Do you think he ever called you when you were younger but you refused or thought that you were not ready. you do not have to reply to all these questions and you can just comment however you want…i just wanted to give you guys some questions if you wanted to answer.

hope to hear from you guys soon.

in love…your brother….daeshin

ps: i dont believe in capitals..unless it is for God…can’t write His name in small letters.

pps: thanks for the announcements jen

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daeshin (and everyone else) –
this passage reminds me strongly of heo moksanim’s vision for the church (spiritual leaders for the next generation).

i think it resonates with me, especially as a korean, where the youth are often looked down on as unwise and unable to accept responsibility, or be agents of change. but what inspires me is that all around the world, it is the youth that are invoking change for “the better” or are more willing to be vulnerable in front of their peers, their parents, God.

sometimes, i wonder what God’s full plan for me is. of course, if i knew, i wouldn’t be confused about my future. at times i doubt myself – that the direction i am headed is too selfish, and that becoming a liberal arts academic may only proliferate my latency in living for God/serving Him outside of church. but then i wonder: what else can i be doing right now? i know that He has called me to be a leader of our ministry, but what more career-wise?

i think han msn’s sermon today had a great message: that the spiritual leaders for the next generation is happening NOW. we can’t wait around for things to happen. perhaps, for me anyway, continuing to be obedient by serving with a pure heart will allow me to see His plan for me. i can’t just wait around for thunder and lightning to inscribe a message in my windows, plain for me to see (weird imagery, but that’s how i used to imagine it when i was little).

anyway, that’s how i feel.

Comment by jennynotjen

ps. i just realized that your screen name spells “invested faith”. hahaha, i’m slow.

Comment by jennynotjen

hey jimin,
after reading your comment, i thought about our conversation that we had yesterday and i think i left one part out…i think it is important for you, as you struggle, to think of how your future and your ambitions fit into God’s plan. perhaps this is another reason why he hasn’t given you a perfectly clear thumbs up. i think He wants YOU to be clear of how it all fits and then maybe you will have the confidence that i was talking about.

yea…my screen names awesome!

Comment by 1nv35t3df41th

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