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January 27, 2009, 8:07 pm
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Reminders for this week

umm..i know that we are awaiting daeshin’s scripture post, but for whoever is a member already (from those in our cell group), i’m just posting a reminder for you for this week!!!

1. at every chance you get this week, please try to reflect on last Sunday’s message on prayer (“why pray?” Luke 11:1-4). what i liked about the sermon (or the parts i can remember) was the ‘give us this day our daily bread’- how God provides us with the right amount of what we need…not too much and not too little. another part of the sermon that i took in was how we pray for His will (not our own will) to be done in our lives. and the last thing was how He is our strength and He will take your burdens away if you just let Him (not really what the sermon was about..but that’s what i think about when i think about prayer).

2. please pray for our members, especially for those in our cell group. those who are dealing with personal issues (ie. school, life, physical and spiritual health, family, school, school…i’m thinking all of us when i think about school..that’s why i wrote it so many times ^^); those who are leaving us to go back home (miyuki, sang il, and jaeyoung); and those who are M.I.A from church; and all of our leaders and members of our EM

3.   this saturday january 31 is joseph and juyeon’s BABY SHOWER!! it’s at 6:30pm and it’s potluck! it is going to be held in the party room on the 3rd floor at 35 Charles St. West. (call me if you need directions or have any questions) 

4. have an awesome and stress free week!!!!!!

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thanks for the announcements jen!

Comment by jennynotjen

hey jen…
i think that this weeks sermon was about doing God’s will because MSN told us that prayer was not really about trying to change God’s will but alligning ourselves with His will. i think thats why that part stuck with you.

— i think it is difficult to pray on my own. sometimes i think that i am even afraid to come before God in a quiet place, eventhough i think that i do not fear Him. perhaps i do not fear Him when i do not have to get close to Him. since my ywam retreat (a while ago) i have been trying to pray without words but just to be in His presence and allow my spirit to communicate to Him…this is not easy.

anyways thanks for the post. hope to hear from others.

Comment by 1nv35t3df41th

oh definately….i believe that His will is to be done. i never try to make MY will be done. i only try to understand His way for me and try to be open and obedient to it. i don’t even think i have my own will to dwell upon–other than marriage and children..haha..and if that’s not in the works for me than that would totally suck..but i’d still accept it!!!

prayer is a difficult thing for me too. i don’t pray in the conventional way of praying that we do at church–hands folded, eyes closed, words coming out of my mouth…–i usually just pray by thinking about God…and thinking more about Him, usually throughout the whole day. there was sermon that MSN gave before about just moaning and groaning before God- that words don’t need to be spoken to Him. just the fact that you acknowledge Him with a thought and a groan shows your faith and dependence on Him. and that’s pretty much what i do.

Comment by jen1255

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