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Welcome to our blog! by jennynotjen
January 19, 2009, 12:21 am
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Hello everyone!  Welcome to cell group 1’s own blog!  Everyone will have access to the blog, in order to post, revise, comment, or to simply read.  I hope that you will all participate.

Thanks to Nathaniel for the idea of starting a group blog, and the suggestion that we each take a turn posting a scripture weekly that we can all meditate on.

This week, I wanted to share a video with you all that really reflects the theme of our retreat, “Step Up”.  Although not all of us were there, I think that this video has something to tell us all.  It’s about how God truly uses us, weaknesses and all, and wants our imperfect selves to be committed to Him and His work.

Have a great week everyone!

PS. If you don’t like the setup of the blog, please comment and I will consider changing it.  But I think that the grass is pretty.

March of the Unqualified

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that was an awesome video jimin. “John the baptist was just plain poor” and the short fused people were good too. i think that it was a perfect video clip related to our retreat and it is a good motivation for people who are having difficulty coming to terms with their calling from God. thanks for setting up this blog and the video post.

Comment by 1nv35t3df41th

oh yea,
and i like the set-up of the blog…the grass is pretty.


Comment by 1nv35t3df41th

hey cell group 1…! sorry..i don’t have any group name suggestions. i would just call it jimin’s cell group..however..that may get her all mixed up because she already leads the youth cell group! (that group is either regarded as jimin’s cell group or it’s also nameless..either way…i hope someone will think of something creative for our group)great work with the blog so far..this will definately keep me away from my studies!! haha…i’m hopefully just joking about that. umm…great video clip as well. jimin..did you find that clip before or after our retreat?? that was so well suited for our theme!! wow..pretty interesting! anyway…hope everyone has a good week and i’ll probably be seeing some of you guys later tonight. and p.s. i agree that the grass is pretty. i also don’t know what the other options are so the grass will stay until i explore my options further. i don’t mean to say that in a threatening way!! 🙂

Comment by jen1255

I really like the grass part! 😀

Comment by LN

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